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Retro-fit roofing

What is Retro-fit roofing?​

Manufactured Metals Corp. I (MMCI) Retro-fit roofing is much more than cosmetic.  It is an attractive, strong, light-weight, durable, watertight, cost-efficient, problem-solving, standing seam metal roof-lift. It can be a completely new roof with a new profile which gives an existing building a totally new look while solving chronic problems of leakage and roof repair.

Our Retro-fit roof system converts (retrofits) an existing flat roof into a pitched, or sloped, roof. Being sloped, the new roof sheds water easily and quickly. This eliminates the ponding (and subsequent leakage) problems inherent in flat roof design.  Retro-fit roofing utilizes light-weight metal framing. MMCI builds the framing system, trusses and runners, using 16 to 20-gauge galvanized steel or red iron. This framing system allows the weight of the new roof to be distributed evenly over the entire building, thus allowing the new roof to be installed over wood, concrete, steel, or other structures without difficulty.  This also results in a new "open space" allows for the addition of low cost blanket insulation, that can greatly reduce heating and cooling costs.

 The MMCI 24-gauge galvalume metal panels are fabricated on the job site. With on the job manufacturing MMCI can make panels of any length; this allows MMCI to create a roof with no penetrations.  These metal panels, available in a variety of attractive durable colors, are joined together using a strong watertight mechanically seamed "standing seam" design which utilizes concealed clips. The panel fasteners (clips) are not exposed to weathering problems. Further, this clip design is thermal-responsive and allows the standing seam metal roof to be a free floating system. This provides for expansion and contraction thereby effectively addressing thermal movement (expansion and contraction), the major cause of stress and leakage in a roof structure.

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